In a perfect world, there is equality. Everybody has the same opportunities in life. Everybody is born and raised the same way.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. Not everyone has the same opportunities, and not everyone is born or raised the same way. This includes children with life-threatening illnesses, whose daily routine prevents them from enjoying their childhood.

To children like these, every moment counts. That is why here at Give Kids the Sky, our mission is to make every moment of their lives special. We believe that with the power of happiness, harmony, and hard work we can inspire hope. And together, everyone can help make a difference in the lives of these children. It is our job as fellow humans to give these children equal opportunity.

Together, we can help build a more perfect world.


Give Kids the Sky appreciates the hard work and support of everyone who helps us flourish. This includes the pilots, the volunteers, and of course the children and their families. Feel free to look around this website for more details about this charity and what you can do to help us. With the support of each one of you, we can inspire hope and work towards a more perfect world.


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